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Dance School Wroclaw, Dublin, Dzierzoniow

Dance, Fitness, Hobby...

For anyone who likes motions and music and:
• to meet new positive people with a love for dance
• for single and couples
• preparation for a party or wedding (not necessarily your own!)
• share a positive experience as a group of friends
• team integration meetings and company events
• for schools

We offer

dances and classes with:

Ballroom Dance, Discofox, Fitness,
Latin Dance Ladies, Wedding Dance,
Private Lessons

Dance Sport

When a hobby becomes a passion, and we want to present our skills to others fulfilling our dreams of competition dance floor.

• for all age groups at different levels
• for kids, seniors, for couples and Pro-Am

We offer

dances and classes with:

Pro Am, Kids Club Dance Sport,
Adults Club Dance Sport,
Private Lessons

The above classes may be taken at a venue, online, private residence or with the possibility of outdoor classes.
Classes can be conducted in Polish or English.